January 2022
PermaLink Visualized SSH login failures27-01-2022 17:53
When running a Linux server, which is accessible from the Internet, you will see a lot of failed SSH authentication attemtps.
This article is not about securing your server (ssh-port-change, fail2ban, private/public-key-auth only, ...) but about visualizing these attacks.

PermaLink ISC BIND - enabling query statistics on CentOS21-01-2022 10:03
ISC BIND allows for export of statistics using a web UI. This artice can help you avoid a common pitfall on CentOS.

PermaLink VMware ESXi mount a NFS share on a Synology Diskstation02-01-2022 14:43
Mounting a NFS share should be an easy task, however you might fail to mount the NFS share.
The ESXi vmkernel.log might show this error:
WARNING: NFS41: NFS41ExidNFSProcess:2054: Server doesn't support the NFS 4.1 protocol

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