PermaLink ISC BIND - enabling query statistics on CentOS01/21/2022 10:03 AM
ISC BIND allows for export of statistics using a web UI. This artice can help you avoid a common pitfall on CentOS.
ISC BIND allows for export of statistics using a web UI.
This feature was added in ISC BIND 9.10. So as a first step on your server, check the version:

named -v

The output should look similar to this:
BIND 9.11.26-RedHat-9.11.26-6.el8 (Extended Support Version)

Next add some configuration to /etc/named/named.conf.local
statistics-channels {
inet port 8053 allow {; };

Warning: If you try to restart ISC BIND now, you will see an error in the LOG saying:
bind couldn't allocate statistics channel permission denied
The warning is caused by SELinux not granting access to port 8053.
You can modify the SWLinux policy using the following command:
semanage port -a -t dns_port_t -p tcp 8053

Now restart the service:
systemctl restart named.service

Finally you will be able to access the statistics UI. Test it by using:

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