PermaLink A Domain Search trick08/05/2008 05:02 PM
Domain Search is quite an old feature of IBM Lotus Domino but not quite popular. One reason may be that using Domain Search from a browser has some limitations (read on for a workaround). Basically, it is a fulltext search across multiple databases (even on different servers) and files (yes files on the filesystem, not attached to documents in a database).

The problem is that usually not all of your applications are fully web-enabled so you prefer to open search results from Domain Search with the Notes Client, not the web browser.
The trick is to customize the form (SearchResults) in the database catalog.nsf. Add the following JavaScript to the "Web - onLoad Event":

var href = document.getElementsByTagName("a");
var src;
var epos;
for (var i = 0; i < href.length; i++) {
src = href[i].href;

epos = src.indexOf("yourdatabase.nsf");
if (epos > (-1) ) {
href[i].href = "notes://domsrv" + src.substring(10, src.length);
href[i].target = "_OpenResult";

You will have to adopt "yourdatabase.nsf" to the filename of a database you want to open with Lotus Notes and the notes: link to your servername as well as the length of 10 in the substring is dependent on the length of your servername.

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