PermaLink Using Domain Search to index files in the filesystem08/09/2008 02:33 PM
After posting a trick regarding Domino Domain Search I was asked to provide some basic details on the configuration. I am going to show how to configure Domino Domain Search to index files so you can search for content.

First check if the catalog task is configured to run on your server, per default there is a line "ServertasksAt1=Catalog" in your servers notes.ini.

Now place some files in a directory on your server. In my example I am using a directory below the Domino HTML root because it is much easier this way.

Continue with opening the database catalog.nsf on your Domino Server, navigate to the view "File Systems" and use the action "Add File System".

Use the button "Add.." to add a configuration for the file system to be indexed.

The first value is the path to files to index - compare with your Windows Explorer. It is truncated do to a line wrap on the screenhot, it reads "C:\Programme\IBM\Lotus\Domino\data\domidx_data".
The second value (keyword) is the directory in the HTML root, in this example "domidx_data" which is taken from the file path.

The view is now looking like this:

Domain Search is only configureable if you are using a Domain Catalog so enable this feature in the server document.

You can update the Index on an interval within a give timerange or once a day. I recommend to update the Index once a day.

You need the task "domidx" so add this parameter to the line SERVERTASKS in your servers notes.ini or optionally create a program document scheduled for server startup.

Restart the server.

You should see something similar to:
09.08.2008 14:28:06 Domain Indexer process started
09.08.2008 14:28:06 Updating Domain Index
09.08.2008 14:28:11 Domain Indexer is indexing File System 'C:\Programme\IBM\Lotus\Domino\data\domino\html\domidx_data'
09.08.2008 14:28:11 Domain Indexer finished indexing File System 'C:\Programme\IBM\Lotus\Domino\data\domino\html\domidx_data'

The index is stored in a fixed directory in your servers data directory. If the directory "<datadir>\ftdomain.di\FS" is empty, Domain Search did not work - check the configuration.

Let's try if we can search within files. Open the Domain Search query form in a browser. The URL for my testserver is "".
Use the "More" action to display the settings and check "File system".

Now search for a word in any of your files and click "Search".

I had one result in my test. Clicking the result allows me to open or save this file.

Some other idea not documented yet:
- Create a Notes 8.x widget to place Domain Search in the sidebar and/or search for any text selection from within Lotus Notes.

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