PermaLink Some findings regarding the replicator page03/03/2008 03:31 PM
I was asked where the replicator page is stored in the Lotus Notes Client and if there is any way to access that data. I did some investigation and want to share and discuss these.

As the replicator page changes when switching location, the replicator page seems to be stored in the location document itself. Looking at the fields, there is an interesting $SitemapList that contains data and browsing that data you will find the names of databases on your replicator page. The data type is "Outline List".

I thought that a data type of "Outline List" means that this is really an outline, I just wanted to test that.
I opened that location document using Ytria ScanEZ..

I exported the document to DXL.

The XML contains all the data including the $SiteMap item.

I created a new database with a new outline "ReplicatorOutline" with one dummy entry.

ScanEZ shows that the outline has the same $SiteMapList item.

The exported DXL for the item $SiteMapList looks pretty much the same but is (of course) smaller as it is only one entry.

The trick is now to copy the $SiteMapList from the exported location document into the XML file we exported from the outline. Copy everything beween the rawitemdata tags.

Now delete the outline in the design of your test database and use ScanEZ to import the modified XML file.

The result is an outline that shows your replicator page including all the folders.

This is my real replicator page:

Technical info and disclaimer: All tests done with Lotus Notes 7.0.2. This is not a supported way to work with settings in Lotus Notes and may be subject to change.

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