PermaLink notes.ini parameters for Domino Transaction Logging Performance Tuning12/06/2006 02:53 PM
To improve performance with IBM Lotus Domino Tranaction Logging you can disable transaction logging for some databases where logging is not necessary, or just too expensive in terms of IO performance.

This is a screenshot show the database properties where you can disable transaction logging.

Schedule_DisableTXNLogging=1 will disable transaction logging on the freetime database (busytime.nsf or clubusy.nsf), check Technote 1213708 "Scheduler Task using a lot of CPU"
MailBoxDisableTXNLogging=1 will disable transaction logging for the servers mailboxes, check Technote 1090763 "Can the Transactional Logging setting on MAILBOX.NTF be disabled"
LOG_DisableTXNLogging=1 will disable transaction logging on the servers log.nsf beginning with 7.0.2, check Technote 1238392 "Disabling transaction logging by default on log.nsf "

Other best practices recommendations:

  • Be sure to place the transaction logging files on a dedicated disc on a dedicated controller as documented in the Administration Help.
  • Disabling transaction logging on templates (this is recommended in some Technotes but has a drawback so choose the templates carefully)
    • this will cause that new databases based on these templates don't have translog enabled, you have to manually enable it on the db

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