March 2006
PermaLink Performance Tuning IBM Lotus Domino Webapplications31-03-2006 14:05
I was invited to talk about Performance Tuning IBM Lotus Domino Webapplication at the Admin&Developer 2006 convention in Oberhausen, Germany.
I was thinking about talking about the following topics in a timeframe of 60 minutes:
  • Measure speed, what does it is slow mean in seconds?
  • HTTP Response Headers, Client side caching
  • Images. They can be located in the filesystem, can be attachments or resources. How to use them?
  • JavaScript. Wow do I use it so it loads fast?
  • WebQueryOpenAgents, what it that anyway? (Agent Profiling)
  • Worst practices
Not sure if I have enough time to cover these issues:
  • GZIP compression, what we can learn from DWA
  • AJAX, ...(afraid this is much too complex to present it in time)
I intended not to talk about obvious performance issues like writing fast code or building simple small views wherever possible.

If you were (or are) attending this session, is there anything you would like to hear in addition to that?
Any examples of worst practices that made webapplications slow (and were easy to fix)?

PermaLink mixed mode - POP3 and DWA - notes.ini can help05-03-2006 22:01
If you use POP3 to read your emails from your maildatabase on a IBM Lotus Domino Server, everything works fine, unless you use DWA too. Emails you read using DWA do not download to your POP3 mail application.

This is due to the fact that DWA removes the unread flag for that document.
To circumvence this behaviour there is an notes.ini parameter that may help. Use the following console command to set it:

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