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PermaLink How to recover a lost certifier file15-01-2020 12:52
This article describes how to recover a lost certifier file.
Of course this will not work for everybody. As a minimum you need the CA-Task configured for the certifier you are looking for.

PermaLink You can now register for the Notes and Domino Version 11 Beta08-08-2019 13:36
PermaLink Update on Homebridge11-06-2019 18:15
Three years ago as I started looking into running homebridge on a Synology Diskstation, I did not find a working docker image and decided to build my own docker image. ...


PermaLink Installing HomeBridge as Docker Image on Synology08-02-2016 20:29
This article explains how to install and omeBridge, an opensource implementation of Apples HomeKit API, on a Synology Diskstation.
This tutorial requires that you own a Synology Diskstation with an Intel CPU that can run Docker.


PermaLink Fun with Eclipse Browser Settings in IBM Notes26-12-2013 13:30
Just because we can, you can play around with some settings in IBM Notes on Windows.

Instead of using the Internet Explorer engine to render websites in Notes you can use XULrunner, the engine from the popular Firefox browser.

First check which engine Notes is currently using by opening a browser window within Notes (Open - Web), you may have to check your preferences to use the internal browser.
Go to

Now edit the file [notesprogramdir]/framework/rcp/plugin_customization.ini and add the two lines:

Now close all browser windows and restart Notes.

You can even update the version of the rendering engine, Sven Hasselbach blogged a how to:


PermaLink Annoying Scroll-Lock indicator popup on Lenovo Thinkpad with Windows 725-08-2010 08:22
On a Lenovo ThinkPad W510 I had an annoying problem with a popup indicating if the Scoll-Lock key was pressed. That tiny little grey window was popping up in the lower right corner of the screen.
The reason for hating that popus is that in Flightsimulator X the Scroll-Lock key is used to open the ATC window. If you play in DirectX fullscreen mode the screen flickers heavily for several seconds.
I found that the indator is not a Thinkpad feature but part of the Widcomm Bluetooth Stack. No idea why that software is doing this kind of stuff but here is the trick how to disable that indicator popup:
Use your registry editor and change the DWORD for KeyIndication in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Widcomm\BTConfig\General to a value 0. To reenable restore the default value of 1.

PermaLink Is reading MIME emails slow in Lotus Notes 8.x after upgrading to Internet Explorer 8? (Solution inside)08-06-2009 13:19
I installed Internet Explorer 8 some days ago and wondered why the integrated Webbrowser now takes very long to start and why opening a MIME email takes more than a minute.

PermaLink IP address filter for SMTP inbound connection controls04-06-2009 11:46
In a configuration document for an IBM Lotus Domino server you have the option to configure which IPs are allowed or denied to connect using the SMTP protocol. I would like to share some details on these settings as the field help is not covering all options.

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